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End of Season Golf and Dinner 2018

Here are the tee times for the end of season golf and dinner at Deerfield Golf Course Oct 14, 2018

10:36am-Richard Yamashita, Claude Bezely, Shady Stasi, Warren Pinto.

10:44am-Spencer Chant, Sebastian Gonzalez, Frank Moll, Jake Stevenson,

10:52am- Dan Sancartier, Jeb Assaf, Lou Belotti, Alex Stojkovic,

11:00am-Judd Langley, Kevin Cote, Angelo Spataro, 

11:08am- Gabe Aivasian, Brian Trnkus, Pascual Candia, Dan Kennes, 

11:16am- Rob Downie, Dale Yeo, Jeff Mcphee, Andrew Barlow,

11:24am-Steve Shier, Tom Mulvale, Doug Silva, Ken Westover,

11:32am-Tony Medeiros, Chris Dunnett, Denis Portelance, Robin Forgrave,

11:40am-Scott Clugston, Will Jenkins, Anthony Koves,

11:48am- Heath Everett, Scott McColeman, John Bobiwash,

11:56am-Chris Starkey, Kenny Gonzalez, Joe Garcia, Maxime Albernhe,

12:04pm-Dave Tomilson, Bob McArthur, Brian McCarthy, Sean Lack,

Buffet dinner and dessert to be started around 5:30/6pm

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